Welcome, Clementine!

Hi, everyone! I’m thrilled and honored to be joining the Boston Workmen’s Circle staff as a short-term organizer. I grew up in the Workmen’s Circle, and graduated from Shule in 2000. Like so many other people, Boston Workmen’s Circle provided me with not only my Jewish identity, but also with a sense of myself as an activist, mover and shaker, and proud member of a long line of folks doing good for the world. After years at Shule and at Camp Kinderland, I went on to teach 4th and 6th graders at the Jewish Cultural Society in Ann Arbor, MI. Since college, I’ve worked as a health educator, organizer, and - for the last few years - jack-of-all-trades at a 100-person egalitarian commune in rural Virginia. I can’t imagine a better way to re-enter city life than at Boston Workmen’s Circle, and I look forward to meeting (and re-meeting) many of you in the months to come. Thanks so much for having me!

Clementine Lazar