We surpassed our goal - thank you!

Dear Boston Workers Circle community,
I write with such deep gratitude! Since December, you and the BWC community raised over $70,000 (exceeding our goal!) to fund hundreds of inter-generational programs, to build an equitable community actively working against racism, and to stand as a powerful voice for justice in Boston and Jewish communities.
Whether you are most involved in Yiddishkayt, social justice work, secular Jewish ritual, the Shule (Sunday school), or community-building, your support makes us what we are. In the face of white supremacy, racism, antisemitism and pandemic, you supported one another to continue building the better world we know is possible.
Not only did our community surpass the year-end goal of $70,000 in donations, we also outdid our $2,500 matching grant for racial justice work, raising over $3,000 so far. This doubles our impact and is immediately being used to support:
  • A second "Our Liberation is Bound Together" 10-hour training on the intersections of racism, antisemitism and white supremacy for BWC leaders and members in February & March.
  • Strengthening our work for reparations, doing far reaching education and virtual programs while engaging in self study. Implementing a reparations policy at BWC in 2021.
  • Hiring an educator who is a Jew of Color to work collaboratively with our Jews of Color, Sephardi/Mizrahi (JOCSM) and multiracial members to create JOCSM affinity space and/or programming.
´╗┐Keep your eyes out for our February e-newsletter next week, with more opportunities to connect and participate in the events that are making our 2021 visions a reality. I'm grateful to be in community with you all.
In solidarity,
Jen Kiok
Executive Director