From Vilna to BWC

June is membership month at Boston Workers Circle, when we commit ourselves to community and our shared vision. Today, I am asking you to power our community with your membership.

Like so many, my family’s immigration story began fleeing pogroms in Vilna and landed in a Dorchester triple-decker. My great-grandparents discovered BWC in its founding days, helping them carve a path for my grandparents, my mother, and me. 
I feel grateful to be a part of BWC today. When I joined the staff, I connected to BWC’s resilience and collective care in action. In response to the pandemic, BWC organized to raise over $60,000 for newly released ICE detainees, over $8,000 for Palestinian refugees, and launched a thriving Mutual Aid Network. We returned to the roots of BWC’s original mission: “fighting against sickness, premature death, and capitalism.”
That’s the enduring power that BWC provides. BWC is a home to all the wisdom of those who came before us. Our community of collective song, story, struggle, and joy informs how we craft our vision of the world. 
And we have a lot of important work to do together this year. In particular, our member-led process to author new Israel/Palestine principles is moving into its next phase. We will soon be engaging responses from our broader membership to create policies aligned with our collective social justice and racial justice values, together.
Our people are our power, they have been, and they will continue to be. Whether you need to take or to offer, now is the time to come back and build together. As our community grows, we look around in gratitude, and are all the more able and inspired to build a world more loving and more just.
Thank you for making BWC part of your story.
In power,
Photo of Bethany Basile
Bethany Basile
Deputy Director
Annual Member Meeting
Wednesday, June 16, 7:00 - 8:00 pm on Zoom
Join us to honor the incredible work of our volunteer members who lead this community, and all that we've accomplished together over this past year. We'll be celebrating member leadership, staff, and saying goodbye to our beloved Executive Director, Jen Kiok, and our Cultural Worker & Member Organizer, Maddy Popkin.
This is also the time that members vote in our annual Board Member election. Please register your membership before then. We can’t wait to gather with you!