Take action against violence in Sheikh Jarrah

Originally published & shared on May 11, 2021.
We are saddened to witness Israel's escalation of violence against Palestinians in East Jerusalem and Gaza, particularly against Muslim worshippers at Al Aqsa mosque, all the more egregious during this holy month of Ramadan.
We call on Israel to stop its aggression and policies of displacement. We call on Jewish institutions and leaders to take action. And we call on U.S. Jews to support Palestinian human rights, asking our own government and politicians to condemn this most recent escalation of violence.
We encourage you to read through these actions and resources:
  • Crisis In Jerusalem Panel hosted by Jewish Currents. Israeli settlers are forcibly removing Palestinians from their homes in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. This is a recording of the live discussion this morning on the rapidly unfolding present crisis in Jerusalem and its long and fraught history.
  • Send a letter to your representative asking them to sign H.R.2590 to "ensure that U.S. taxpayer funds are not used by the Government of Israel to support the military detention of Palestinian children, the unlawful seizure, appropriation, and destruction of Palestinian property and forcible transfer of civilians in the West Bank, or further annexation of Palestinian land in violation of international law."
  • Protest for Palestine co-sponsored by many Students for Justice in Palestine groups. Saturday, May 15 at Copley Square, 2:00 pm.
In solidarity,
BWC Leadership and the Jewish-Muslim Solidarity Committee