Solidarity with Aida Refugee Camp and 1for3

Our hearts are heavy with the news from Palestine about the devastating actions recently carried out by the Israeli military and government. For many years, BWC has raised money for the nonprofit and the Walk for Water, which funds projects at the Aida refugee camp in the West Bank. They have amazing projects like hydroponic gardening and the building of a much-needed and cherished kindergarten program. 
On January 18th, there was an attack by the Israeli military which directly damaged these two projects. The majority of this news is not being covered by mainstream media. You can learn more about the attack here.
Nidal Al-Azraaq, director of 1for3 and a friend and colleague in Israel/Palestine and Jewish Muslim solidarity work, has reached out to ask for immediate support from our community. Please join us and make a contribution tonight to the repair and rebuilding of these important projects. These emergency funds will help rebuild the garden quickly for the families who rely on its produce.
This is an important way to be in solidarity with the Palestinian community of the Aida Refugee camp at this time. You can donate online here or by mailing a check to 1for3 at 58 North Border Road, Winchester, MA 01890.Thanks so much. 
In solidarity,
The Israel/Palestine Committee &
The Jewish Muslim Solidarity Committee
P.S. The good news is that donations are already coming in and the rebuilding is underway!
The Lajee Center, which runs and houses the gardens and the kindergarten, is hosting a Gathering of Solidarity on Saturday, February 5th at 9:00 am (ET) live from Palestine. Please join us. Click here for more information and to register.