So much gratitude for our community!

Dear friend,
I am writing today with so much gratitude. Our BWC community raised over $100,000 during our year-end appeal to fund hundreds of intergenerational programs, to build an equitable community actively working against racism, and to stand as a powerful voice for justice in Boston and Jewish communities. In a time of so much transition, you all came together to shape a vibrant future for our community. 
During this year’s annual appeal, we also launched a HUGE new three-year campaign with our major donors called “Shaping Our Future.” We asked if key donors from our community would step up and generously commit to making a three-year pledge to lay the groundwork for a strong transition for our next Executive Director and the next BWC chapter. 
Wow, did they step up! I’m excited to share with you that we raised $215,000 in three-year pledges. I am so proud and grateful to be among a lineage of people ceaselessly shaping BWC’s thriving community.
Thanks to you all, we are able to stay focused on our values and vision because we are a self-sustaining community, in leadership and in funding. This is what grassroots organizing is all about. Whether you are most involved in Yiddishkayt programming, social justice work, secular Jewish ritual, the Shule (Sunday school), or community-building, your support makes us the powerful and caring community that we are. Thank you so much to everyone who was able to give.
´╗┐Keep your eyes out for our March e-newsletter next week, with more opportunities to connect (like at next week's Jewish-Muslim Shabes) and participate in the events that are shaping our community this year. 
In Community,
Libby Shrobe
Board Vice President and Member Chair, Shaping Our Future