Shaping Our Future with Shuleniks (video!)

I am excited to share with you what our youngest BWC members have been learning this year. As our Education Director, I work with Shule teachers, parents, and members to shape a community that reflects our Jewish values and aspirations for justice.
We learn about Jewish history and traditions, climate justice, anti-racism work, labor organizing, and a whole lot more. This is the foundation for our future. I’ll let the kids speak for themselves:
To continue our intergenerational work building a besere velt, better world, we need your support. Can you help shape our future by making a gift today of $18, $180, or $1,800?
So far, we’ve already raised over one-third of our year-end goal of $100,000. While it may not be feasible to gift all of the Giml students remote-controlled drones, your donation does directly support Shule scholarships, create accessible cultural, social justice programming throughout BWC, and empower the next generation of proud, creative Jewish leader-activists.
A dank (with gratitude),
Meira Soloff
Education Director