Moving through mitzrayim as a community

This past Saturday, we gathered for our third virtual Seder. Over 220 people joined as families and friends read from our secular, social justice Haggadah together. It was a powerful community moment.
As the last song drew to a close, I reflected back on our first-ever virtual Seder at the beginning of the global pandemic. There, in the narrow space of Covid-isolation, Zoom was a magical opening. For many of our members, their very first Zoom meeting was the 2020 BWC Passover Seder. I wrote with wonderment:
"Bubbies and Zeydies in faraway cities watched with their kids and grandkids as Shule students sang the four questions in Yiddish. From our own kitchens and living rooms, we raised our glasses in unison, hid the afikomen, sang Dayenu, and reflected on what it means to work towards collective liberation."
Two years later, despite our Zoom fatigue, our virtual Seder remains a powerful and meaningful reminder that to move through any narrow place we must stand together as a community.
As we move through the story of our ancestors' journey from bondage to liberation, let us remember the many Seders that have taken place during and despite tough times.
As we look to the spring and the reopening of BWC events in-person including an ABV concert (below) let us remember the joy of communal reemergence.
Though I am leaving my role as a staff member this week, I will continue to power our secular Jewish community with my BWC membership. I'm renewing my membership today, and I ask you to please join me - join/renew your BWC membership now through June 2023.
From all of us at BWC, we wish you and your loved ones a zissen Peysakh, a sweet, joyful, meaningful and healthy Passover. Next year, together again!
With gratitude,

Madeleine Jackman

Director of Communications
& Community Engagement
BWC Seder Open Resources
A Huge Thank You To All Who Made Seder 5782 Possible

  • The Ritual Committee: Linda Gritz, Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus, Pauli Katz, Susan Werbe, Wendy Lebofsky, and Rochelle Ruthchild, with a special thanks to Linda Gritz for leading the committee.
  • Our local live musicians: Jonah Sidman, Pauli Katz, Laura Sheppard-Brick, Mike Katz, and Linda Gritz, plus Bob Follansbee and Sam Slate on video.
  • All of our community readers!
  • Mona Pollack for captioning
  • Meira Soloff for the family program
  • The Community & Membership Committee for hosting the neighborhood breakout sessions after the Seder.
  • The BWC Board and staff, with a special thanks to Madeleine Jackman for her extraordinary videos and technical wizardry.
  • Anne Greenwald, our Board President, for welcoming the community.
  • Our new Executive Director, Rebecca Hornstein, who delivered Community Greetings and shared BWC announcements for the first time!