It's Time to Reimagine Our Future

Dear friend, 


As we enter into the time of reflection and awakening that leads to the High Holidays, I am guided by the sense that this particular year offers us an opportunity for transformation like no other.  


The intersection of the global pandemic and the political moment has opened our eyes to the truth of our individual and collective lives. We don’t need to wait for the call of the shofar, we are already awake.  Now is our time to examine what we have learned and to set our course for our next chapter. There is no going back; our collective visions are needed to reimagine our future.


For me, this moment has been both clarifying and humbling. Despite being the feminist, anti-racist leader of a Jewish cultural & social justice organization, I’ve realized I am trained to move at the unsustainable speed of capitalism.  My internal clock is set to the pace of productivity.  As a parent, when all the carefully scheduled layers of my life came crashing together, I was left with the humbling truth of how little time I am truly present for my children. In this new year, I endeavor to bring my full presence to the people I love.


Despite the work that I actively do to dismantle the oppressive intersecting systems of white supremacy, patriarchy and capitalism, I have come to realize how these very systems are braided into my being even as I am attempting to fight them. Resmaa Menakem, best selling author of My Grandmother’s Hands recently wrote:

“While we see anger and violence in the streets of our country, the real battlefield is inside our bodies. If we are to survive as a country, it is inside our bodies where this conflict will need to be resolved.”


We are in a historic and dire moment. There is much work to be done, and I am clear that we must move mindfully, from a place of inner resource, rather than from a state of panic and urgency.


In this new year, I endeavor to unbraid white supremacy from my body, even and especially as I am working to fight it. As I do, I will attempt to reclaim the culture that was mine, to slow down and braid challah. I will work towards wholeness in myself and in the world.  


My invitation to you as we journey towards this new year together is to slow down and take stock. How are you showing up for yourself? Your loved ones? Your community? For justice? Are you moving at the right pace? How might you work to unbraid from systems of oppression even as you work to fight them? What is your vision for our collective future? What steps will you take in this new year to walk towards that vision?


With love and solidarity,






Jen Kiok

Executive Director


Join Us For the High Holidays
Rooted in a Jewish commitment to social justice, we have created unique programs of readings, reflection, and singing for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Invite friends and family from near and far to join together in community for the High Holidays with BWC.
  • Rosh Hashanah Service: Sat., Sept. 19th, 2020 @11:00am on Zoom,
  • Followed by optional virtual potluck hosted by the Board, 12:30pm
  • Yom Kippur Service: Monday, Sept. 28th, 2020 @11:00am on Zoom,
  • After registering, you'll receive a link to submit names for recognition in the memorial service
  • Children's Programs: during portion of both services
  • About 30 minutes, for ages 4 -7 year olds
This year, there will be additional ways to connect to our traditions throughout the Days of Awe with new rituals for tashlikh, yizkor, and more. Your ticket includes all services, programs and resources throughout the Days of Awe. When you register, we'll send you all program updates.


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