This community changed me.

Before I joined BWC, I assumed my life would always stay small because of my disability, and that my connection to Jewish life and history would always stay fractured because of my political beliefs.
Since joining, I've taken on projects I previously thought were impossible for me. For the first time in my life, I feel like I'm part of a community that supports my whole self in all its complexities, connects me to a Jewish past and future that feels meaningful and radical, and supports my growth as a leader. I’m asking you today to help me give back to the BWC community.
As I went from singing in A Besere Velt Yiddish Chorus to sitting in on its Steering Committee (ABVSC) meetings, I discovered I could offer more than just song suggestions. And, as it turned out, Hey Hey Daloy Politsey/Hey Hey Down With the Police was already in our repertoire! With support from the ABVSC, I grew my capacity, in small, manageable steps, until I felt like a true contributor in our community. 
With this newfound confidence, I started joining the BWC committees listed below. Our members, like you and me, truly shape our work at BWC. I am so proud to share just a few examples from this past year:
  • Racial and Economic Justice - Acting for Racial and Economic Justice (AFREJ) successfully pushed Massachusetts' senators and representatives to co-sponsor the bills on reparations. They also organized a panel of restorative justice practitioners and led conversations about reparations in the wider Boston Jewish community. 
  • Immigrant Justice - Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Immigrant Justice Committee (IJS) teamed up with the Boston Immigrant Justice and Accompaniment Network (BIJAN) to raise over $70,000 to house and assist immigrants by providing basic necessities to people released from ICE detention.
  • Jewish Muslim Solidarity - Earlier this year, the Jewish Muslim Solidarity Committee (JMS) raised $8,000 for the Walk for Water, improving Palestinian refugees’ access to water, education and health care. Most recently, JMS partnered with the Islamic Council of New England to lead the four-part series, “A Better Future For Israelis and Palestinians: Affirming the Sacredness of All Human Life,” with over 600 interfaith participants joining the discussion.
  • Israel/Palestine Work - After two years of deep collaboration across the political spectrum of BWC members, our new Israel/Palestine principles were unanimously approved by the Board in June. Since then, we’ve had community meetings to shape the next action steps in our work, including an upcoming, open meeting this January.
I joined BWC because I wanted a place to organize with other Jews oriented toward justice and invested in our shared radical, diasporic history. A place where Palestinian liberation and solidarity is not excluded from conversations around justice. I stayed because I've found a place where I can help shape our shared future. I am ready for the deep community work to come around articulating and acting on our values in 2022. 
This is the backbone of our collective work together, shaping the world we would like to see. I am asking you to contribute today, whether it is $18 or $180, to defend and sustain BWC's role in these important movements. Please join us in shaping this shared, beautiful vision for our future with a gift to our community.
I look forward to hearing your voice in the community, and I’m so grateful for your support.
In community,
Mona Pollack (and Sam the Parakeet)
BWC Member