Choosing to build, every day, together

Tayere Boston Arbeter Ring/Dear Boston Workers Circle,

It is my sincerest honor to take on the role as your new Social Justice and Cultural organizer. In my first few weeks, I have had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with so many of you, and I have already heard your overwhelming response: you’re ready for us to get to work on fostering a vibrant, strong community.

These past few years have been an incredibly difficult time in the pursuit of justice. They remind us that the efforts we’re engaged in are a marathon, not a sprint, and we have to make the conscious decision every day to choose to build a better world on a path to liberation. The good news? We have all we need to engage in this work. We have never lived in a liberated world, but we have the tools, ancestral lessons, and people power to create it.

As a member of BWC, you are building on a yerushe (inheritance) of Circle members of the past, and we are organizing together for a better world. Each and every one of us has a place in our larger fight for liberation, no matter if you have ten years of experience, or ten minutes. Every person has skills, experiences, and values that matter to our work and to one another.

It is my hope you will join us in this work by renewing your membership today. I look forward to serving as your organizer and building a liberated world together.

Zohar Berman
Social Justice & Cultural Organizer