BWC Response to the Criminalization of Palestinian Human Rights Organizations

The Boston Workers Circle condemns Israel's recent criminalization of six Palestinian human rights organizations. We call on the U.S. Department of State to demand that Israel undo this undemocratic and unjustified action.
Twenty two Israeli civil society and human rights organizations (including B'Tselem בצלם, Breaking the Silence, Combatants for Peace, PEACE NOW, Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, and Yesh Din ييش دين יש דין) have called it "a draconian measure that criminalizes critical human rights work" and "an act of cowardice characteristic of repressive authoritarian regimes." Leading international human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, along with prominent Jewish organizations in the US such as T'ruah: the Rabbinic Call to Human Rights and J Street, have echoed this condemnation and statement of solidarity with the 6 targeted Palestinian NGOs.
Organizations such as these are necessary for a decent civil society. Moreover, as a matter of free, robust political discourse, we strongly oppose all repression of political speech, including voices that challenge the occupation and advocate non-violent measures to pressure Israeli authorities to stop its human rights violations. Israel's attack on these six organizations is an unjustifiable, undemocratic, and deeply harmful action. We call for its immediate reversal.