Building Reopening Updates

Dear Boston Workers Circle community,
The staff and our Building Reopening Committee are looking forward to bringing our community back together in a manner that is safe, meaningful, accessible, and inclusive. Thank you for your patience and understanding as the Building Reopening Committee works on guidelines for reopening our BWC building and in-person gatherings.
We are using recommendations from the CDC, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Brookline School Departments, and consultations with local congregations to guide our planning.
Using the lessons learned from the pandemic, we are working to make programming accessible at home and in person. So far, the following concrete decisions have been made:
  1. BWC will purchase and install a new HVAC ventilation system to improve air circulation in the building.
  2. Our Tech Access Team is researching the purchase of equipment to allow for hybrid in-person and remote meetings.
  3. Our current plan is for Shule to reopen in the fall in-person at the Runkle School. We will be following Brookline Public School guidelines and the latest guidance on Covid safety. There are still open spaces in our Shule. For interested families, or those with questions, you can schedule a call with our education director, Meira Soloff.
  4. Yiddish classes will continue to be remote in the fall.
  5. High Holiday Services will be virtual. Save the dates! Our Rosh Hashanah service is on Tuesday, September 7 at 11 am (ET) and our Yom Kippur service is on Thursday, September 16 at 11 am (ET). Tickets will go on sale later this month.
We’re continuing to work on the guidelines for reopening 6 Webster Street to committee meetings and member group gatherings. We will let you know as we decide on a timetable and clear protocols for this. In the meantime, we still have a full and exciting virtual line-up and ways to get involved. Check out our upcoming events here, and I hope to see you at some of them!
In community, 
Anne Greenwald, Board President
& the Building Reopening Committee
Written July 2021. As more information comes out around the Delta variant and transmission, plans may change. The safety of our community and accessibility of programs are the highest priorities. We will update the community if/when any decisions are made that differ from what is listed above.