Building community from home

Dear friend,
It’s taken the full week to slowly acclimate to the reality we are now entering. The part of me that longs to create community against all odds needed to go one day at a time, it was too heartbreaking to cancel everything at once. But now we’ve arrived at Friday, and it is clear that we need to shift to a new virtual reality. 
We are closing the BWC building until April 1st (and possibly longer), and all BWC programs, meetings, classes and gatherings during that time - on & off site, of any size - will either meet virtually or be postponed. 
Over the course of next week, we will be training our leaders in video conferencing and preparing to shift many of our programs to online platforms like Zoom. We are thinking creatively about accessibility, mutual aid, and maintaining connection during these challenging times. We will send an update next week with ways to plug-in from home.
Our board is working on an internal BWC mutual aid platform that we'll send out next week. If you're interested in thinking about this, get in touch with our Board Vice President Libby Shrobe ( ). Other actions that you can support right now:
  • Sign this petition to demand an immediate moratorium on evictions during COVID-19. It’s crucial to continue (virtually) standing with those who are most vulnerable.
As the week draws to a close, here are some BWC rituals & songs from our Shabes Committee that you can use to ground yourself tonight, take a break from the news, and connect to traditions that have existed long before this moment and that will continue long after it:
Wishing you a healthy and restful Shabes, and we will be in touch soon with more resources and ways to stay connected to BWC members and programs.
In Community,
Jen Kiok, Executive Director