Boston Workmen's Circle Supports Iran Deal

Guided by our Jewish and progressive values, the Boston Workmen's Circle strongly supports Congressional endorsement of the agreement to curtail Iran's ability to develop nuclear weapons.

While we are mindful of the arguments for and against the pact, it is a deeply held principle of the Boston Workmen's Circle that, wherever possible, conflicts should be resolved without violence; military force should always be an absolutely last resort. We believe that it would be a safer and better world if there were no nuclear weapons at all, and we oppose any nation's acquisition of nuclear weapons.   

It is our judgment that clearly the most promising way to minimize the possibility of Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon is to implement the agreement with Iran negotiated by President Obama, Secretary Kerry, and the governments of France, Britain, China, Russia and the European Union. At worst the deal will make it more difficult for Iran to develop nuclear weapons; at best it might put Iran on a path to fuller participation in the international community.  The only alternative the agreement's opponents offer is no deal or military action. However, both of these options could lead to accelerating Iran's ability to become a nuclear power. 

Therefore we call upon our elected officials, the Boston Jewish community, and all of our fellow citizens, to do everything possible to ensure that this agreement gets the full endorsement of the United States. We believe that the interests of Americans, Jews, Iranians, Israelis, and humanity at large demand no less.

We encourage you to contact your elected officials, let them know you support the Iran deal and ask them to do the same.