My Resistance Journey: From Shule Student to BWC Board Member

Dear Friends,
As a Shule and TASC (Teens Acting for Social Change) alum, I wanted to get re-involved in the Workmen's Circle after moving back to Boston in 2015, but I could never quite muster up the motivation. Then, the election happened. I knew I needed a social justice home where I could ground my resistance to the new administration. Over the past year, I've reconnected to the organization that fostered my activist roots, which is now sharpening my leadership skills in the fight for collective liberation. Click here to chip in and support our work in the #JewishResistance.
At the BWC post-election Shabes, I filled out an exit survey saying that I wanted to get more involved. BWC's Community Organizer Liz sat down with me to strategize about meaningful ways to take action. I connected with fellow BWC members when we cooked food and hosted a house party for Cosecha, an immigrant justice movement. I attended the BWC Young Adult Leadership Retreat in Febr uary in Western MA, where I found myself in a leopard print coat and a pink wig reprising the role of Vashti in last year's Gragger circus, as you can see in the photo above. Today, I'm the proud founder and co-chair of BWC's new Immigrant Justice and Sanctuary (IJS) Committee, and I'm a member of BWC's Board of Directors.

Immigrant Justice & Sanctuary Working Group meets with Senator Cynthia Creem about the Safe Communities Act. (Libby at center.)

So, what work are we doing? This year, with the support of this amazing community, the Immigrant Justice and Sanctuary committee has mounted our #JewishResistance to the Trump administration's targeting of immigrants and refugees by:
  • Helping form an interfaith coalition with 8 other congregations to support families in need of Sanctuary.
  • Leading multiple Rapid Response trainings in partnership with other Brookline-based organizations.
  • Building a volunteer network for members to accompany immigrants to ICE check-ins, court hearings, and other important appointments.  
I have learned that resistance can take many forms - from lobbying my legislators, to showing up at actions, to offering direct support and services to immigrant communities. I am grateful for the intergenerational organizing experience that BWC offers. I feel so lucky to be grounded by the wisdom of elders, and I am continuously inspired by the passion of young people in this organization at the same time. As we move forward in fighting for true immigrant justice, I hope to help others find leadership roles in continuing the resistance. Click here to chip in and help sustain this work.
As this turbulent year of 2017 winds to a close, I hope you will join me in supporting this amazing organization, my spiritual and political home. BWC is my roots, it is my resistance, and it is where I get my resilience to keep on fighting. Where else can you find that?
In solidarity,
Libby Shrobe
BWC Shule & TASC Alum
Co-Chair of Immigrant Justice & Sanctuary Working Group
Board Member