Each year, the community plans a giant, raucous, radical Purim extravaganza! Gragger features local DJs, a live band, and a creative retelling of the Purim Story (Purim Shpiel) based on a social justice issue. Come in costume, dance the night away, and celebrate your favorite Biblical feminists!



Community members are invited to get involved in making Gragger happen. Help write the shpiel, act in the shpiel, make art and decorations, or host a hamenstashen baking party! Email to get involved.

This year's Gragger is March 21st from 8pm - 1am at SEIU Local 32BJ, 26 West St, 2nd floor in Downtown Boston. See our Facebook page!

Performances by:

Y-LOVE - Queer Jewish hip-hop artist from New York! In a hip-hop world full of negative messages, Y-Love (Yitz Jordan) is leading a new era of "universal hip-hop" --where pounding rhythms combine with social consciousness to "elevate, not tranquilize" the world. LISTEN:

Dance party DJ'd by DJ LADY SPINDRIFT (