Young Adult Shabes & Visioning Session

Gather with us as young adults of the BWC for Shabes ritual and a potluck meal, and to create a vision for the coming year, including new rituals, community building, and campaigns.

The Boston Workmens' Circle Young Adult Committee is back in action. The Committee serves to bring people in their 20's & 30's together for specific programming, while continuing to build inter-generational relationships throughout BWC. We have three new committee Co-Chairs:

Mirah Sand has been teaching the Hey (5th grade) class at Shule for the past two years and is coming back for a third! 
Shira Tiffany has been around the BWC in various roles - you may recognize her as a candle in the human menorah at the Radical Chanukah Party or as King Achashverosh in the Gragger Purim spiel. 
Sarah O'Connor taught the Alefniks (1st graders) for the past two years in Shule, and is excited to be joining the Board of the BWC. 
As we relaunch our Committee, we are planning for the year ahead and eager to meet the many young adults who are part of this community. Join us on September 9th for a potluck Shabes and Visioning Session.
Please fill out this survey, so we can learn more about young adults in our community.