Community Shabes Dinner: May Day and "Welcoming the Stranger"

44 Cypress St, Brookline

Note the change in location.

Join us for a relaxed Shabes dinner and discussion about May Day, immigration, and what it means to be welcoming on both a societal and communal level.  We'll talk about about the Workmen's Circle's historical connection to May Day and what we're doing to be a welcoming community today through efforts like the 2012 Listening Campaign.  First and foremost, however, this shabes dinner is a chance to take a deep breath and relax with like-minded community members at the end of the week! We hope you can join us.

Bring a dish to share.  By last name: A-F salad or veggie side; G-L dessert; M-Z main dish.  No time to cook?  Many of us bring take out!