Bilingual Reading of Sutzkever Poetry

Boston Workmen’s Circle, 1762 Beacon St, Brookline

Bilingual reading of Avram Sutskever’s poetry by Ruvn Fein & Sholem Beinfeld.

The Yiddish Committee invites you to a bilingual program in honor of the centenary of the birth of the great Yiddish poet Avrom Sutzkever, who died in 2010. Sutzkever is considered by many to be the greatest Yiddish poet of the twentieth century and one of the great poets in any language. Some of his early poems reflect his exiled childhood in the brilliant iciness of Siberia and the tragedy of his young father’s death. Later works, among his most famous, arose from his experiences in the Vilna Ghetto and as a partisan in the forests. After the war he settled in Israel where he wrote some his greatest masterpieces on the themes of Jewish memory and suffering.

The program will feature poetry from all phases of Sutzkever’s career, notably his Siberian cycle. The poems will be read in his own translation by Richard (Ruvn-Yankev) Fein, a noted translator of Yiddish poetry, followed by the Yiddish original read by Sholem Beinfeld, Co-Editor-in-Chief of the new Comprehensive Yiddish-English Dictionary.

Admission is free - suggested donation: $5.