Advanced Yiddish Reading Group

Winter 2012 schedule: 

Advanced Reading Group: 10 Wednesday evenings, starting January 25, 7:30 - 9:00pm

Beginner, Advanced Beginner and Intermediate Reading Group: 10 Tuesday evenings, starting January 24, 7:30 – 9:00PM

Register online or by calling the office (617-566-6281).

Beginner, part II (Tues nights):  This is a continuation of our fall beginner session.  Newcomers who can read and write simple sentences in the present tense are encouraged to join.  Yiddish reading, conversation skills and grammar will be taught using Sheva Zucker's textbook, songs and other multi-media materials.  Instructor: Abby Howell

Advanced Beginner (Tues nights):  Designed for students who already know some Yiddish basics, the class will continue with Sheva Zucker's textbook and will also read simple short stories and poems; watch interviews with Yiddish writers; practice speaking; and sing Yiddish songs.  Come build your conversational vocabulary, strengthen your grammar and develop your reading skills.  Instructor: Hanna Palmon
Intermediate Reading Group (Tues nights):  Students will read short stories by a variety of Yiddish authors.  English translations and/or glossaries will be available.  Students should be familiar with Yiddish language, somewhat fluent in reading, and comfortable using Yiddish dictionaries.  Grammatical constructions and idiomatic expressions will be explored as they occur in readings.  Instructor: Lillian Leavitt
Advanced Reading Group (Wed. nights):  Students will read stories by a variety of Yiddish authors, translating and discussing content in class (in Yiddish). Writing styles of authors will be compared and contrasted.  Reading fluency required; willingness to converse in Yiddish encouraged.   Instructor: Lillian Leavitt