Board and Committees

Boston Workmen's Circle Board

Rosa Blumenfeld, President
Riva Pearson, Vice-President
Deborah Katz, Secretary
Micha Josephy, Treasurer

Sefira Bell-Masterson Jenny Hochstadt
Norman Berman Marsha Lazar
Clayton Cheever Patty Nolan
Andrew Cohen Diana Parad
Laura Derman Dianne Perlmutter
Anne Greenwald  







BWC Committees

Acting for Racial and Economic Justice
Tolle Graham and Chriss Messinger, Co-Chairs,

Middle East Working Group
Stanley Habib and Karen Klein, Co-Chairs

Jewish Muslim Relations
Laura Derman and Andrew Cohen, Co-Chairs

Mike Katz and Lily Weitzman, Co-Chairs

Adult Education
Liz Krushnic, staff contact

Ritual Committee
Linda Gritz, Chair

Shabes Committee
Jill Edelson and Marie Ariel, Co-Chairs, 

Finance Committee
Clayton Cheever, Chair

Personnel Committee
Marsha Lazar, Chair

Young Adult Committee
Liz Krushnic, staff contact

Shule Committee
Jackie DeLisi and Anna Litten, Co-Chairs

Teens Acting for Social Change (TASC)
Liz Krushnic, BWC Youth & Community Organizer