Statement in Support of the Movement for Black Lives

The following is a statement from Boston Workmen's Circle in response to the Movement for Black Lives Platform and the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston's statement
"The Boston Workmen's Circle unequivocally supports the Movement for Black Lives. A core expression of our Jewish identity at the Boston Workmen's Circle Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice is the pursuit of a besere velt - a better world. We believe that as a people who have been oppressed it is our responsibility to stand in solidarity with all groups facing oppression. We have a vision of a Jewish community that actively works together for racial justice and we are actively working towards that vision.
As a member organization of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston (JCRC) it was deeply disconcerting to read their recent statement disassociating from the Movement for Black Lives. As a member of the JCRC we learned about this statement just as everyone else did, after it went out. We're concerned both that the statement does not represent the views of the 40+ member organizations of the JCRC, and that the statement and the reaction that has ensued in the Jewish community distracts from the real issue at hand: racism. In addition, by distancing itself from the Movement for Black Lives, the JCRC has failed to recognize Jews of Color in our community. Jews of Color should not be forced to choose between their intersecting identities.
The fierce and thoughtful work that the Movement for Black Lives has been doing and will continue to do with the release of their platform can only help all of us on the road toward justice. We call on our Jewish community to stand in support of this movement and not let our own disagreements about Israel and Palestine stand in the way of - or detract from - our support.
We do not disassociate ourselves from the JCRC over this disagreement. Instead, we will continue to lean into the relationships we have with our peer organizations in the Jewish community. We will continue to work for justice through the work of our Committees: Acting for Racial & Economic Justice, Jewish Muslim Relations, and the Middle East Working Group.  We will continue to follow the leadership of people of color in our community. We know that the fights for Black, Palestinian and Jewish liberation are connected. And we will continue to build a besere velt."
In Solidarity,
Boston Workmen's Circle Staff & Board