Solidarity and Community at As We Come Marching!

What a wonderful time at As We Come Marching this past weekend! A Besere Velt (A Better World) shone in their multi-lingual renditions of folk, protest and labor songs, enhanced with percussion and brass. A highlight was A Besere Velt's rendition of "The Internationale" during which the 600-person audience stood to sing along! We were thrilled to include Shule students and graduates, as well as friends new and old from the Occupy movement, the Bread & Roses Centennial and many unions and labor organizations. Our honoree Gene Bruskin read his poem about the Justice@Smithfield Campaign, and Shule students and graduates picketed around the room to thunderous applause. It was a fabulous celebration of labor struggles and victories past, and a gathering of strength for labor struggles ongoing today.

Relive the event with pictures – or experience the celebration vicariously if you couldn’t be there in person! Check out our Facebook album for more photos, and see a LOT more in our Smugmug album.

The house was packed!


Occupy Boston activist Noah McKenna led the people's mic.


Gene read his poem about Justice@Smithfield.


Shule students and graduates lined up to picket around the room.


A booth on the Shule Children's Protest Against Sweatshops.


Thank you to our wonderful volunteers on the script committee, and volunteers who helped with outreach and logistics both before and during the event. Thank you to Jenny Hochstadt, Mike Katz, Dan Klein, Susan Leskin and Donna Southwell for all their hard work. Special thanks to the Boston Teachers Union for the donation of their space, Zamir Chorale for the use of their risers, and Trader Joe’s for flower donations. We’re proud to have included the design and printing work of two Shule graduates, Jesse Racusen and Evan Webster, in our t-shirts and banner.