BWC Responds to Chapel Hill Tragedy

In response to the Chapel Hill tragedy, Mike Felsen and Rosa Blumenfeld attended a Friday night vigil at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center on February 13th, 2015 and delivered the following:

I'm Mike Felsen, past president of BWC, a Jewish cultural and social justice community here in greater Boston. With me is Rosa Blumenfeld, our current president. We're with you this evening both as individuals and on behalf of our Workmen’s Circle Jewish community to share our grief and empathy following the tragic events in Chapel Hill a few days ago.

We mourn with your community over the senseless loss of these three young people, lovely young people with their whole lives ahead of them. We share your loss.

We also share your concern that these senseless killings might have been motivated by hate, just because these young people were Muslim.

The killings are intolerable for any reason, but if they were driven by anti-Muslim fear and hatred, they must be especially condemned. There is no place in our society, or in anyone's heart, for hatred of another on account of religion or race or ethnicity. That simply can't be tolerated, by any of us.

At this vigil, we mourn with you on your loss. We also stand with you, shoulder to shoulder, in saying no to hate. We extend our hands in friendship, and open our hearts, as we share our common hope for understanding and peace.


Yusufi Vali, the Executive Director of the ISBCC, wrote a message of comfort to his community and thanked ours for our show of solidarity.